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Enrico Maltoni was born in Forlì on 2nd December 1970.

Lives in Sirolo but works in San Leo (Rimini). As an expert and collector of antique espresso coffee makers and old books on the topic, he created the world’s first travelling exhibition devoted to these fascinating machines. It has taken him over twenty years of investigation, rescue and restoration work to put together his extensive collection.

The 'Espresso made in Italy 1901-2010' exhibition displays rare, extremely valuable models dating back to the early 20th century. So far Enrico’s exhibition has been shown in 45 different locations across 4 continents. He was awarded the one and only SCAE prize for the 'Excellence of Coffee 2006' in the 'Young Entrepreneur Award 2006' category for his project, beating five competitors from all over Europe.

Enrico owns an historical archive of more than 25,000 reference documents and patents. In 2001, he published his first book 'Espresso made in Italy 1901-1962' (Collezione Enrico Maltoni Editore, 2001) describing over two hundred beautiful espresso machines for bars (property of Collezione Maltoni) saved from the wear and tear of time. The book has been reprinted three times and 9,000 copies have been sold to date. Enrico is also the co-author of 'Il libro completo del caffè' (De Agostini Editore, 2005).
His contributions have also appeared in Il Caffè (Giunti Editore, 2009). In 2009, he presented a new book 'Faema Espresso 1945-2010' at the Host trade fair in Milan as both author and publisher. This book deals with the history of the Faema brand and its founder - Carlo Ernesto Valente.
In 2013, together with Mauro Carli, he co-authored the book “COFFEE MAKERS” 2000 historical coffee machines photographed directly in the homes of the greatest collectors in the world.
During a two-year journey around the world, the authors, who are also collectors of coffee machines, have created a real "coffee pot encyclopaedia".
Enrico liaises with important Italian and foreign universities where he gives lectures and runs workshops about the history, culture and design of espresso machines. Since 2001, he has been working with prestigious brands such as Lavazza and Philips  as a consultant and, as of 2012, with the Gruppo Cimbali on the opening of MUMAC – the Museum of Coffee-Making Machines.
In 2008, he became a Slow Food Master of Food lecturer, specialising in coffee, and holds workshops which “focus on increasing knowledge about the evolution of the machines and their progress, not only from the point of view of aesthetics and design but also regarding the characteristics that coffee takes on each time, depending on the mechanics of the machines used to prepare it.”
His passion for coffee has led him to take part in international competitions, the Italian cup tasting finals, a competition amongst tasters, and do blind coffee tasting tests.

He has also taken part in several TV programmes as a collector and top expert in this field, such as the Maurizio Costanzo Show on Canale 5; Uno Mattina on Rai Uno; Tg Uno Economia on Rai Uno; Geo & Geo on Rai Tre; LItaliana on Rai International; and Sit Cook on the Gambero Rosso Channel. He has also contributed to the production of two documentaries for a series entitled Tutto fa Storia broadcast by the History Channel, as well as the film "Une Planète Couleur Café". The Enrico Maltoni Archive and Collection is currently the most important body of documents and findings on this subject.
“What MUMAC means to me is that an 18 year old’s dream which began in a small open air market has come true and still lives on today.”
Enrico Maltoni, Collector
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