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Mauro Carli was born on 2nd December 1961 in Cecina, a small Italian coastal town in the province of Livorno, Tuscany, where he lives and works as a designer for the building industry.
His passion for antique coffee machines for home use began in the early Nineties when he found an old coffee maker in the cellar – a legacy from his family – which had a strange way of working and an unusual shape.
His curiosity about other coffee machines manufactured through the years drove him to look for them in flea markets and at antiques fairs.

His interest in industrial design and research – following his university studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence – has led him to combine collecting with the historiographic and iconographic study of patents and treatises on the topic, especially those published in the 19th century. 
Over the last twenty years, his collection has grown to over four hundred pieces, some of which are true rarities, valuable coffee makers from all over the world. They were produced in different periods between the first half of the 19th century and the 1960s.
In terms of historical completeness as regards the chronological order of the examples and systems he has gathered together, his collection should be considered among the most important and best qualified in the world. As an expert, he has written several papers and essays about the history of domestic coffee makers for both Italian (Antiquariato, Il Curioso, Cose Antiche) and European (the French Planet Coffee, the Polish Weranda) magazines.
He has spoken on radio programmes (Rai Radio 2 and Radio 24) and been a guest on various TV programmes (Rai1, Rai2 and TV2000). He worked with Patrizio Roversi on a documentary entitled Tutto fa Storia broadcast by the History Channel.
His passion for coffee makers has led him to experiment with a number of long-established systems for the daily preparation of coffee, including roasting and grinding.
He has held a number of workshops with his friend Enrico Maltoni dealing with the different criteria for preparing coffee at home. Coffee only makes him irritable when it is bad. 
“What MUMAC means to me is that an 18 year old’s dream which began in a small open air market has come true and still lives on today.”
Enrico Maltoni, Collector
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