Preparation process

It is useful to understand how all these variables interact in the preparation process. To this aim, we will dwell briefly on the following:

Roasting and storage. All fresh coffee must be of the same quality and it is essential to pay careful attention it does not deteriorate during storage due to damp and mould. In order to make coffee with a smooth flavour, the beans must be evenly toasted, i.e. they must all have been subjected to the same temperature and roasting time. This will be clear from the even colour of the beans which must be the same, both inside and out. The coffee must be fresh, as the aroma of stale coffee changes and it will grind differently as it softens with age.
Grinding. The finer the coffee grind, the quicker and more completely it will release its aroma. However, the ageing process is also quicker. Also, the finer the ground coffee, the greater its resistance to water filtration. The need for a device which creates greater pressure than atmospheric pressure for pushing the water through the coffee thus follows.

Infusion. The ground coffee must be wet thoroughly by the water, whatever machine you use, even if there is an increase in volume. Water leakage must be carefully prevented, in order to achieve full extraction of the coffee. If the infusion time is longer than necessary, the bitter flavour will be accentuated whilst, if shorter, the coffee will not be completely extracted and will be weak.
Water temperature. The extraction of the aroma varies with the temperature of the infusion water. The correct temperature ranges from 92 to 96 °C both for filter and espresso machines. If the temperature is close to boiling, the coffee tends to become bitter; if it is too low, the aroma of the coffee will be under-extracted and less pleasant.

These brief concepts are fundamental for preparing good coffee.
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