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by Antonello Monardo
2nd Edition

Format: 16.5x 24 cm - Pages: 94
Price: Euro 15.00 - ISBN 978-85-62564-40-6
Publisher: Senac Editora – Brazil 2nd Edition - 2014
Drawings: Black and white
Photos: colour
Brief summary

After moving to Brazil in 1996, Antonello Monardo from Calabria has become synonymous with fine coffee in Brasilia, where he lives and runs a gourmet coffee roasting business and a training school for professional baristas, whom he personally teaches to produce coffee of the very highest standard. In great demand in all the top bars and restaurants in the federal capital, the book "Pazzo per il caffè, Antonello Monardo” (Crazy about coffee, Antonello Monardo) is not only the result of a good technique but the outcome of a story which began at the beginning of the 20th century when the last wave of Italian emigrants crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find work on the coffee plantations in San Paolo.
One of these emigrants was Domenico Monardo, Antonello’s grandfather. His short and tragic experience in the coffee plantations on the San Paolo farms in the 1920s however left one child with the same name an orphan but sowed a great seed in the mind of his grandson, who was born in Calabria. "Pazzo per il caffè, Antonello Monardo" presents the right mixture of passion, success of an Italian entrepreneur and the memories of his childhood in Calabria as he grew up sipping coffee made in the Moka pot in his family’s kitchen in Reggio Calabria. More than anything, though, it is a tribute to his Italian ancestors who took over from slave labour in the coffee plantations in Brazil and who made this land their home, learning to love it as much as the Brazilians themselves. Translated into Italian by the same Antonello Monardo, the new book, published by Senac-DF, is both a guide to understanding the history of coffee in Brazil and an educational manual on the art of blending, roasting, grinding and drinking this Brazilian beverage par excellence. The main text of "Pazzo per il caffè, Antonello Monardo" is by Leandro Fortes, author of other works published by Senac de Distretto Federale, including "Beirut - Aromi, amori e sapori", "Il Bistró di Alice" and "Gula d'Africa". There is also a series of comic strips drawn by Luigi Pedone and pictures by photographer Daniel Madsen illustrating the coffee recipes created specially for the readers.

Sitting at a table drinking coffee is an age-old tradition, whether we are chatting, reading, thinking or just passing the time. Yet we have no idea how this tradition came about, how the best blends and the fine flavours were created. The book “Pazzo per il caffè, Antonello Monardo” answers these questions, as well as telling the story of a fighter. Wanting to put everything into a single volume, Antonello Monardo told his amazing journey to the journalist Leandro Fortes who skilfully narrates his story starting with the discovery of coffee, recounting his grandfather’s life, and finishing with his perfect blends and mouth-watering recipes which have brought him so much success. Only someone crazy about coffee, like Antonello, could have come up with the idea of such a fascinating book. No coffee lover should be without it. As well as revealing the secrets of his coffee recipes, Antonello is faithful to his Italian origins and has published the book in two languages: Portuguese and Italian. A real pleasure for readers.
Senator Adelmir Santana
President of Fecomercio and Senac-DF

2nd edition

This second edition features two new and exclusive coffee recipes, inspired by the many journeys to discover the food and wine of Italy as part of the project of the company “Parlando Italiano, ...cantando, mangiando, viaggiando, ...” (Speaking Italian, …singing, eating, travelling,…). It also includes testimonies of friends and celebrities.
“What MUMAC means to me is that an 18 year old’s dream which began in a small open air market has come true and still lives on today.”
Enrico Maltoni, Collector
Macchine da Caffè Lavazza
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